Post-Program Follow Up

We want to stay involved with your family! 

After you have completed the Family Bootcamp and when you have returned home, we want to continue to help.  The Family Bootcamp package includes two after-care therapy sessions with your therapist.  Typically, these sessions occur either via telephone or video conference.  

Often, parents and youth find that after they have had a week or two to think about their experience, having additional therapy sessions to process their experience can be very helpful.  For this reason, we have included two after-care therapy sessions that you can arrange with your therapist at your convenience.  

Many families continue to work with our therapists even beyond these two after-care sessions as they strive to make the changes that were started while at our program. Even though your stay may be short, we believe the impact can last a lifetime and we are committed to helping you and your family make long lasting changes.

Yes...You can come back again! 

It is common for youth to want to return again to the wilderness for another expedition.   We are always open for youth to come back and participate in additional expeditions.  We provide reduced rates for those who return for another stint in the field.

 Sometimes, youth choose to return to finish wilderness tasks that were started, but not completed such as mastering the bowdrill fire or summiting one of the desert peaks in the field.

 Other times, youth return for additional reflection time in the field to get new perspective on life as new life challenges arise.  The wilderness can become a refuge and place where youth gain valuable knowledge for dealing with life challenges. 

Regardless of the reason, we invite all of our participants to come back to the field! 


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