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Exclusionary Criteria includes:

-Active suicidal youth.

-Youth experiencing Psychotic symptoms.

-Youth who have demonstrated extreme violence.

-Youth whose Medical conditions may require emergency services beyond what can be managed in a wilderness setting.

The Schedule:

Day 1:

Family Orientation begins at 9am at our offices.  Parents and youth are provided an introduction to the experience and meet our team.  Youth are then provided camp gear and supplies and are transported to the wilderness.  Parents remain at our offices and participate in  parent seminar and a luncheon for the remainder of the day.  In the evening, parents participate in equine therapy activities with our clinicians.

Day 2:  

Beginning at 10 am, parents participate in day two of the parent seminar for a majority of the day.  Equine therapy activities occur in the evening as well.  

Day 3: 

Parents are free to enjoy and explore St. George and the Southern Utah area.

Day 4:

 Parents are free to enjoy and explore St. George and the Southern Utah area.

Day 5:

 Parents meet at the our office at 9 am and travel to the wilderness to be reunited with their child  and participate in a family therapy session.  If parents are not satisfied with their child's attitude, then the child can continue to to remain in the program and the parents can return home.  


If you are flying to St. George, the two closest airports are:

St. George Municipal (SGU)

 MacCarran International Airport Las Vegas, Nevada

 Car Rental:

The following rental agencies are found at the St. George airport: 





A week in St. George for more than just the scenery!

St. George, Utah is known by many in the West as an ideal place for a weekend family get-away because of its scenic red rock landscape, green golf courses, day spas, mild winters and its proximity to Zion, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell.  

With Family Bootcamp, your stay in St. George will become truly unforgettable.  Yes, you will get a chance to relax, enjoy and explore the area, but more importantly, your time will be spent in activities intended to strengthen your family.

Travel and Accommodations


We have arrangements with La Quinta Inn to provide a VIP discounted rate for Family Bootcamp parents.  Most parents need accommodations for five nights (Wednesday night through Sunday night)  The Quinta is also willing to provide a 3pm checkout on Mondays to allow youth to return to the hotel and shower after completing the Expedition.

 La Quinta Inn & Suites St. George

91 East 2680 South

Saint George, UT 84790

Phone: 435-674-2664

Fax: 435-628-7792

To get the Family Bootcamp VIP discounted rate and five day stay email Anthony White 

Gear and Supplies

We will provide your child with the camping gear and supplies that he/she will need for the expedition, but it will be up to you to make sure your child has the clothing that will be most suitable for the conditions in the field.  Below are downloadable clothing lists based on the season.

Summer months (June through Mid-September)

Fall months (Mid-September through November)

Winter Months December through March)

Spring Months (April and May)

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