Two Day Intensive Parent Seminar

Parent "Boot Camp"

We don't believe in a "one-sided" therapeutic approach ... with the Family Bootcamp - parents are involved too.  So, while the youth are experiencing the wilderness, parents remain in St. George and  participate in an intensive two day "Parenting Boot Camp."   Under the direction of Daniel Sanderson, Ph.D., parents engage in two days of comprehensive  parent training sessions focused on the discovery and disruption of unhealthy family dynamics.   Much of the instruction is provided  by Dr. Sanderson (Doc Dan), who has become one of the nation's premier Parenting Therapist's, Trainer & Coach.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Sanderson (Doc Dan) has conducted thousands of hours of  seminars for parents who are struggling with their teens.  He is the  author of the "Developmental Vacation (TM)" treatment model which provides parents with a unique and completely "out of the box" approach for conceptualizing teen  behavior.  This approach is important to the parent being able to gain a better understanding of their role as parents and how they will need to disrupt their child's developmental vacation.

Topics covered in the two day parent seminar include but not limited to: 

-Understanding the Developmental Vacation model. 

-Tools for assessing your child's development.

-Tools for assessing your capacity as a parent. 

-Determining your child's need for on-going treatment.

-Identifying markers of progress in your child.

-Communication Improvement Strategies

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Our Parent Bootcamp isn't just classroom work - two afternoons and evenings are spent at the Family Bootcamp corral for participation in  Equine Assisted therapy sessions with our clinical team, led by Kena  Frey, LCSW and Lorneta Ferguson, LCSW. 

How  Equine Assisted Therapy Helps Parents who are struggling with a teen.

 Equine therapy creates interactive sessions with horses that allow  parents  and therapists to quickly “see” where the problems are and find ways to solve  them.  In the sessions, the focus is on being active in-the  moment,and finding solutions that provide faster, more permanent change.  

Equine sessions uncover the REAL parent, quickly. Through experiential  activities, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy helps to immediately see how  parents and couples act and react to different situations, giving a  clearer picture of what is needed to help improve family issues.

Equine  sessions get parents past the sticking points.  Many parents hit a wall  in their parenting where they can sometimes remain stuck in old patterns and  attitudes. The Equine model helps parents get out of the rut and back on  track.  Whether working with individual couples or in parent  groups, the horses provide powerful opportunities to address social  skills, communication issues, and other dynamics necessary for developing healthy, meaningful family relationships.

We find both therapists and parents alike are energized by this process. Whether used for treating the parents or the youth, the sessions are meaningful and lead to real, long-lasting change.

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