Custom Family Expeditions

Help for Family Problems

Family Bootcamp has the ability to cater a family weekend specific to the needs of individual families.  If your family has a need for a therapeutic intervention beyond the normal Family Bootcamp schedule, then we can tailor a weekend in the wilderness for your needs. 

These customized expeditions can include siblings of all ages as well as step-family and blended-family situations. 

Family Wilderness Therapy Program

If circumstances or issues in your family require a special intervention, then Family Bootcamp is the right place!  You will be connected to one of our clinicians who can assist you in planning and strategizing the most effective set up for whatever your family’s specific therapeutic needs may be.

Contact our admissions office for pricing and scheduling details for a custom expedition!

Come to St. George for the weekend and we can create a highly impactful, therapeutic experience for your family that will not be forgotten!  A Family Bootcamp weekend will be a memory that your family will remember for the rest of their lives.

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