Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an expedition? 

Expeditions are a minimum of five days in length.  Expeditions can begin at anytime and can range from five days to as long as two months or more.  The youth spends the entire time in the wilderness, completely unplugged from all technology and communication with the outside world, while the parents remain in St. George and participate in the "parent boot camp".

Will I speak with my child during his time in the field? 

No.  You will say goodbye to your child on Thursday morning and will not communicate with your child until the following Monday morning when you sit down with him/her together with your therapist in a family therapy session in the field.

What does a typical day consist of? 

For the youth, it consists of residing in a primitive wilderness setting and learning to live life away from the amenities of modern society.  Youth learn to build fire with sticks, cook on a fire, create tools from the elements and most importantly, learn to manage their emotions completely detached from technology and the conveniences of modern life.

How far does a group hike each day? 

It depends.  Some expedition groups are able to come together and hike to the top of desert peaks, while other expedition groups struggle to simply set up camp during the course of a day.  The most that an expedition group would hike in a day would be 3-4 miles.

What do the youth eat while in the wilderness? 

Youth are provided supplies of rice, lentils, oats, trail mix, cheese, peanut butter, dried vegetables, powdered milk, fresh fruit and a meat ration.  Youth learn to use these supplies to create a menu and meals during tier time in the field.  Youth receive more than 3000 calories per day and are required to remain hydrated through drinking a minimum of six quarts of water per day.  Safety is our main priority and we carefully monitor student intake of both food and water.

Do the groups sleep in tents or under the stars?

On clear nights, expeditions sleep under the stars.  During inclimate weather, expeditions use a "group tarp" to create a group shelter to stay safe from the elements.



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