Pre-Teen Leadership Camp

Program for children ages 8 to 12.

The ages between eight and twelve, often referred to as the “latency stage” is a period of vital development for children.  During this time frame, children have a need to be productive and do work on their own. They should be both physically and mentally ready for it.  Interaction with peers at school also plays an imperative role of child development in this stage. For the first time in their lives, children face a wide variety of events to deal with, including academics, group activities, and friends. Difficulty with any of these leads to a sense of inferiority.  Increasing numbers of children become stagnate in their development during this all important stage due to addiction to technology, video game addiction, entitlement, laziness, and poor parenting.  It is essential for the child at this stage to discover pleasure in being productive and the need to succeed. The child's relationship with peers in school and the neighborhood become increasingly important.  The Family Bootcamp is a great intervention for children who have yet to discover the pleasure of productivity and success.  It is a great intervention for children who are struggling to develop relationships with peers.

Family Bootcamp offers a program for children ages eight to twelve called the Pre-Teen Leadership Camp.  This program is designed for parents and latency-aged children and serves as a preventative measure for getting on top of problematic behaviors before they develop into pervasive disruptive mental health problems during the teen years.

Family Bootcamp has a strong belief in prevention services and for this reason offers a five-day intervention focused on helping families to learn to manage problematic behaviors early on, rather than allowing issues to develop over the space of several years before becoming unmanageable and leading to crisis in the family.

help for pre-teen children

Similiar to the traditional Family Bootcamp program for teens, this program involves the parents participating in the intensive two-day parent seminar and parent equine therapy sessions, while the youth spend five days in the leadership camp developing coping skills and participating in leadership-based activity building in the field.   

Technology addiction is impacting children at a younger age.  Many children have been using technology from their infancy.  Unfortunately, more and more children have become dependent on the use of technology in lieu of learning how to cope with life problems.  Family Bootcamp assists children and families to disrupt the overuse of technology and to begin to implement family patterns that facilitate the development of healthy coping skills in children.  

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