Teen Identity Issues

The teen years are a time for exploration of identity and the journey through adolescence can be confusing and difficult.  The developmental dilemma of adolescence is known as "Image vs. Identity".   Establishing an identity is not an easy process. There are difficult and confusing choices at every step of the way.  For many teens, the establishment of an identity can lead to dark and dangerous places.  Family Bootcamp helps teens who are struggling to find direction in their search for identify.

Help for teen identity issues

At Family Bootcamp, we encourage teens and educate parents about the importance of youth exploring their identity during their teenage years. Teens need to think seriously about identify issues and ultimately come to enough of a resolution so that their path into adulthood is one that they have consciously chosen. This state of being is what developmental psychology refers to as Identity   For those teens that don't come explore crucial life decisions and never arrive at a firm identity, their state of being is what his referred to as role confusion. Teens who experience role confusion are typically not prepared for the developmental tasks that lie ahead in young adulthood.

A healthy identity in adolescence emerges not simply from a conscious contemplation of life's purpose, but also from successfully resolution of the previous developmental challenges that characterize the childhood years.  Having a strong identity in adolescence is often build upon having a sense of trust in infancy, autonomy in toddlerhood, ability to play during early childhood, and reputable work ethic in the elementary school years.

Taking time away from life for a five day weekend in the wilderness allows a teen to reflect on their quest to establish an identity.  For those teens that are experiencing role confusion, time in the wilderness allows for a clarification of what is important in life.  Being unplugged from technology and without communication with the outside world, teens begin to see what is really important in life. 

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