Teen Learning Disabilities

One of the common problems that teens have with school performance is a specific learning disability or learning disorders. Often misunderstood, teens with learning disabilities usually have a normal range of intelligence.  Family Bootcamp believes that many teens with learning disabilities have erroneously concluded that because learning is difficult for them, that this means that they are not as smart oas others.  The Family Bootcamp experience can help change a teens thinking about themselves.

Help for teen learning disabilities

Studies suggest that Learning disabilities affect at least 1 in 10 school-aged youth. The good news is that learning disabilities are treatable. Unfortunately, many learning disabilities are not detected and treated early and as a result have a negative effect on teens.  Many teens struggling with learning disabilities try very hard to learn, but become increasingly frustrated which in some cases evolves into emotional problems such as low self-esteem, depression, oppositional defiance and feelings of failure.  Some teens with learning disabilities act out in school because they would rather be seen as "bad" than "stupid".

Possible indicators of a learning disability include:

-difficulty understanding and following instructions.

-loses or misplaces homework, schoolbooks, or other items.

-dyslexia and reading problems from a young age.

-difficulty with handwriting.

 -memory problems.

-difficulty with academic basics such as reading, spelling, writing, and math skills.

Family Bootcamp can assist in accessing a comprehensive evaluation by psychologist who can assess all of the different issues affecting the teen. The evaluation and educational testing is done to clarify if a learning disability exists.

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