Technology Addictions and Teens

Addiction to the internet, video game addiction and cell phone addiction have become an ever increasing part of our fast paced, technology centered culture. Unfortunately many teens and young adults are drawn in by an obsession with violent video games or simply waste valuable time with countless hours of addictive gaming.

This type of compulsive use of technology is not only wasteful but could also be dangerous for children and teens who find themselves addicted to internet chat rooms where anonymity often leads to bad decisions and further destructive behaviors. Chat room and internet dating addictions often lead to diminished social skills and an inability to relate to others on a personal level.  These problems have become even more severe with increased use of mobile devices. Excessive texting, emailing and instant messaging is becoming more and more common.

Parents are often unaware or naive to the addictive and destructive behaviors of their children or become aware only after addictive and compulsive behavioral patterns have become well established.

Education and prevention of these problems is the best way to help the rising generation of teens learn to manage technology in a responsible way.  A group of therapists in St. George, Utah have developed a unique and powerful intervention for both teens and their parents for assisting in this purpose.  The program is called Family Bootcamp and provides a five day therapeutic experience for both parents and child in developing strategies for responsible use of technology in the family.