Teen school failure: a warning sign of other problems

Experts suggest that about one in five  teen students will have trouble keeping up academically at some point during junior high and high school. School failure requires the immediate attention of parents, before the impact to the teen’s self-esteem becomes too damaged or the teen begins to develop a pattern of avoiding school.  Family Bootcamp is the ideal place for parents and teens to get support and direction for disrupting a pattern of school failure before it becomes a significant problem.

Sometimes the cause of the problem may be academic or socially related and nothing more, a drop in grades can be a warning sign of other problems as well including:

A medical issue such as a sleep disorder, impaired vision or hearing problems.

A mental health issue such as depression, anxiety or a mood disorder.

Learning disabilities such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Drug or Alcohol Use often results in a decline in grades and school failure.

Family Bootcamp is a great place to talk to your teen about school problems.  The parent seminar will provide you with specific direction and ideas for how to approach the situation and your therapist will be able to assess for areas of deficit in your teen that may contribute to his/her school related problems.

Possible ideas for assisting your teen to experience more success in school include:

-arranging for parent-teacher meetings.

-hiring a private tutor to assist your child.

-re-evaluating his/her schedule and the types of classes he/she is enrolled in.

-seeking academic and cognitive testing to assess for possible learning disabilities.

-encourage your child to find a small study group of peers.

-consider a change in school or a different type of school.

At Family Bootcamp, we help parents and teens to evaluate the school problems being experienced and then to communicate and decide on a course of action for remedying the school failure.  Contact us today 800.584.4629 and reserve a slot for the next expedition.