Extended stays now available for teens for summer camp dates

Family Bootcamp offers a therapeutic summer camp experience designed to impact both the teen and his/her parents.  After an active day of hiking, learning to build fire with sticks, building a shelter and cooking his/her own meals over a camp fire, your child will experience a feeling that is largely unknown to many youth today.

Due to the onslaught of technology, many youth spend their waking hours in front of a computer screen or on a hand-held device, texting, gaming and surfing endlessly.   Too many youth today have developed a dependency to being entertained by their technology and have lost the ability to manage the emotional demands of the lives without escaping into technology.

With skilled outdoor specialists guiding them, the youth spend five days learning how to experience the remote, high desert of Southern Utah with only the supplies they can strap to their back.    Being unplugged from ALL technology and outside communication provides a strong "wake up call moment" for the  youth to focus and take responsibility for all aspects of their  well-being including cooking, caring for their supplies and learning to use only the elements of the desert to live.

We are happy to announce an extended stay option for Family Bootcamp youth for the May, June, July and August dates.  Parents have the option to arrange for their child to remain in the program beyond the five days.  The extended stay can last from a week to several weeks.   The length of stay depends on the youth’s progress.  Parents work closely with their therapist in determining the amount of time for their child to remain in the program.  

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