A Christmas vacation your teen will never forget!

Are you worried about the Christmas break and the family problems that this time of year can bring? If you are like many families, the holidays can be a difficult period of time. In fact, some studies show an increase in family conflicts during the holiday season.  These problems range from kids who spend days at a time glued to a computer screen developing a gaming addiction while ignoring all other aspects of life, to parents subjected to the whining complaints of an entitled teen that is ungrateful for their Christmas gifts.

 Whatever your situation may be, consider giving your teen a holiday present they will never forget—five days in the wilderness of Southern Utah!  Come to warm and sunny St. George with your teen and spend five days of your Holiday season with us at Family Bootcamp.  The next expedition is scheduled for December 26th through 30th and slots are still available!  

Your teen will spend five days learning how to survive in the remote, high desert of Southern Utah with only the supplies they can strap to their back.   Being unplugged from ALL technology and outside communication provides a strong "wake up call moment" for the youth to focus and take responsibility for the simple day-to-day tasks of their  well-being including cooking, caring for their supplies and learning to use only the elements of the desert to live.

While your teen is experiencing the wilderness, you remain in St. George and participate in an intensive two day "Parenting Boot Camp."   Under the direction of “Doc Dan”, parents engage in two days of comprehensive parent training sessions focused on the discovery and disruption of unhealthy family dynamics.  Dr. Sanderson's trademark theory of Developmental Vacation provides the underpinnings of the instruction.

Time is of the essence as the next expedition begins next Thursday, so call us today at 800.584.4629 and give your teen a Christmas vacation they will never forget!